Our Mission

Project Green Fork contributes to a more sustainable mid-south by helping reduce environmental impacts with a focus on strengthening homegrown restaurants.


Our History

Project Green Fork was founded in 2008 by Margot McNeely out of concern about the amount of waste generated by restaurants, a desire to contribute to the sustainability of our community, and a passion for supporting local businesses. In 2016, Project Green Fork merged with Clean Memphis to advance the mission to make Memphis a cleaner, greener, and more environmentally sustainable city. National studies indicate that approximately one and one-half pounds of trash are produced for each restaurant meal that is served, and the average restaurant produces 50,000 pounds of garbage per year. Typically, close to 95% of this waste can be recycled or composted. Project Green Fork helps local businesses in the service industry operate more sustainably. Frequenting PGF certified establishments, supports local businesses and promotes environmental sustainability.


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  • If you frequent the @memfarmersmkt chances are you're already familiar with Miles Tamboli and his made from scratch pastas and sauces. But have you tried his new restaurant? If the answer is no, you're truly missing out!

Located at 1761 Madison Avenue, @tambolisresto is an Italian food lover's dream. The rotating menu includes hand crafted pastas, wood fired pizzas, and daily specials - all made from fresh ingredients intentionally sourced from local farmers. 
Miles was a local farmer himself - growing his own produce as well as working with @girlsincmemphis to establish its farming program. He believes that part of his responsibility as a chef is to do things the right way: less poison, less trash, more compost, living wages, happy people - and good food. 📸: @ediblememphis

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  • Eating local is more than dining at locally-owned restaurants instead of the closest Olive Garden! It's a pledge to strive to only eat foods locally-grown or raised. 🥕🐷 Doing so helps reduce the number of resources required to deliver food to your table, decreasing your carbon footprint with every bite. 👏 📸: @ediblememphis  #projectgreenfork #pgf #localmemphis #memphis #cleanmemphis #cleanergreener #sustainablememphis #ilovememphis #choose901

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