National studies indicate that approximately 1.5 lbs. of trash are produced for each restaurant meal served- meaning that the average restaurant produces 50,000 lbs. of garbage annually. Typically, close to 95% of this waste is recyclable or compostable.

Project Green Fork was founded specifically because of these statistics, and our goal is to create a more sustainable Mid-South by helping reduce environmental impacts, with a focus on strengthening homegrown restaurants.

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FINALLY. It's Give A Fork Friday! πŸ™ƒπŸ’š We're celebrating all things @projectgreenfork​ on Fridays during Earth Day 30 Days Straight!

Did you know:
🍴 Approximately 1.5 lbs. of trash are produced for each restaurant meal served?
🍴 Close to 95% of this waste is recyclable or compostable?
🍴 The average restaurant produces between 4,665 - 14,325 lbs. of food waste per year?

That's why recycling and composting are two of the six steps that all PGF establishments take to become certified! To date, PGF-certified restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, and brewers have:
πŸ’š Recycled over 700 tons of plastic, glass, steel, and aluminum
πŸ’š Recycled over 1,500 tons of cardboard and paper
πŸ’š Composted over 500,000 gallons of food waste

So as we ease on into the first weekend of April, why not pick a PGF-certified establishment to patronize? You can find a full list on our website at www.projectgreenfork.org/establishments.
(And a special shout out to our friends at Get Green Recycleworks for the hauling service they provide to so many PGF businesses!)
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Thirsty Thursday takes on a whole new meaning during Earth Month here at Clean Memphis- because we only have eyes for clean water! 😍

Did you know:
* Memphis sits on some of the purest drinking water on the planet thanks to the Memphis Sand aquifer?
* Our entire aquifer system is the size of an underground Lake Ontario, 350 to 1,000 feet below Memphis and stretching about 7,500 square miles?
* Layers of silt, gravel, clay, and sand below our city filter out dangerous pollutants from our drinking water?
* Those protective layers can be stressed by human interventions such as drilling, allowing contaminants into our water?

Thankfully, Memphians and our neighbors take this world-class drinking water thing pretty seriously, and today we want to shout out the work of two groups who have been instrumental in the fight to keep Memphis water clean: @ProtectOurAquifer and the @CAESER_Memphis at the @UofMemphis.

Protect Our Aquifer is a nonprofit that advocates for the protection, conservation, and management of the aquifer, pushing for reforms and regulations that protect and preserve its health and longevity. To get involved, visit their website at protectouraquifer.org .

CAESER provides vital field testing, research, and case studies that can be used to educate communities about protecting our groundwater. They are also the force behind the wonderful educational outreach program Water On Wheels (WOW), a frequent collaborator with the Clean Memphis education team! Visit their website at strengthencommunities.com .

We're so thankful for the work that both of these groups are doing to keep our groundwater safe and clean!
πŸ“·: @MemphisNews , from their 2016 editorial- http://ow.ly/F3dp50p1Qbm
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